RBF is a part of the Danish Development Assistance to Myanmar. RBF is an MMK 18 billion for (3 years) ‘Challenge Fund’ to “increase the competitiveness and responsible behavior of Myanmar enterprises” by providing partial grants to SMEs for the implementation of innovative projects in the following 7 Eligible Areas:  Energy Efficiency;  Water use Efficiency;  Waste treatment and Recycling;  Occupational Safety & Health (OSH);  Food Safety;  Managerial & Supervisory Skills;  Practical & Technical Skills.



Millions of MMK

Grant support for SMEs approved till date.


Numbers of Projects

RBF Grant support has been approved by RBF Board.


Millions of MMK

Still available for SMEs to seek Grant support from RBF.


Number of States & Regions

Of Myanmar in which the RBF supported SMEs/Projects are located.


Company or Enterprises who apply for Responsible business fund should

  • Proposed project falls within one or more of the below mentioned 7 areas.
  • Proposed technology/capacity building solutions have not been already implemented by competing businesses in your locality/district.
  • Registered in Myanmar and an SME employing either 600 or less permanent staff or has less than 1 billion Kyat in paid-up capital.
  • Been operational for a minimum of two years and can show externally audited accounts for the most recent year
  • Not operating in excluded sectors (hard liquor, gambling, tobacco, weapons, internationally recognized exclusion list)

RBF Areas


WINDOW 1 ( AREAS 1,2,3 )

Grant support ( Up to 65% of the Project cost - up to MMK 80 million for Window 1 Areas 1,2,3) for each selected businesses

 Area 1: Energy Efficiency

  Area 2: Water Efficiency 

  Area 3: Waste treatment & Recycling

WINDOW 2 ( AREAS 4,5 )

Grant support ( Up to 80% of the Project cost - up to MMK 40 million for Window 2 Areas 4,5 ) for each selected businesses

 Area 4: Occupational Safety & Health                      (OSH) 

 Area 5: Food Safety

WINDOW 3 ( AREAS 6,7 )

Grant support ( Up to 80% of the Project cost - up to MMK 40 million for Window 3 Areas 6,7 ) for each selected businesses

 Area 6: Managerial & Supervisory                            Skills 

 Area 7: Practical & Technical Skills

Types Of RBF Participants



Any SME that has a Business License for at least 2 years and is interested in investing in a new responsible business practice.

Service Provider

Any Consultant / Expert / Technician, with experience in conducting Feasibility Studies and preparing Bankable Proposals to support SMEs raise Grants or Loans, in particular for responsible business investments.


Any Supplier of Equipment or Training & Technical Services that facilitate new responsible business investments by SMEs and would like such projects as ‘Demonstrations’ to develop the market for their new Technologies/Equipment/Services.

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