Frequently Asked Questions


       ! . How could we report data over online after project completion?

Please, copy and paste or press below link in your mobile browser Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari of apple.

It will bring you to reach our mobile reporting platform. Then choose your prefer language and enter required data for reporting.


Please, be aware that this platform is only suitable for mobile devices not for computer.

Online reporting guideline "RBF Online Reporting system- KOBO" can get from presentation folder of Downloadable tab.

1.       What is the purpose of Responsible Business Fund’s (RBF) Call for Proposals?

The purpose of RBF’s ‘Call for Proposals’ is to identify SMEs that are interested in investing in one or more ‘Responsible Business Practices’ within the 7 Areas, that are not normally undertaken by other businesses in the Country/State/Region/Township. Such SMEs can receive Grant support up to a maximum of 800 Lakhs Kyat from RBF.


2.       What are the 7 areas that qualify for RBF Grant support?

The 7 Areas that RBF is interested in providing Grant support are:

  •          Energy Efficiency;
  •         Water use Efficiency;
  •         Waste treatment and Recycling;
  •         Occupational Safety & Health (OSH);
  •         Food Safety;
  •         Managerial & Supervisory Skills;
  •         Practical & Technical Skills.


3.       Are the Grants repayable like a Bank Loan?

No, RBF support is a Grant from the Government of Denmark and not repayable


4.       Oh!! Why is RBF giving Grants to SMEs?

RBF wishes use the SME Projects as ‘demonstrations’ for establishing the ‘business case’ for such proposed investment to help replication by other businesses. Further ‘Responsible Investments’ have a relatively longer pay-back period and Banks in Myanmar are still not prepared to provide loans for such investments to SMEs. The aim of RBF is to support about 480 to 500 SMEs with Grants during the period 2018 to 2020.

5.       So, I can approach RBF for Grants, for all my investment needs as it is difficult and costly get Bank loans?  

No, RBF cannot support any funding needs that you may have for capacity expansion and working capital requirements. RBF can provide Grants only if the proposed Project is clearly able to demonstrate a new technology/practice in one of the above-mentioned 7 areas and such an investment has a relatively long payback period.


6.       Then, how do I figure out, if I have a Project idea that qualifies for RBF Grant support?  

You are welcome to contact RBF Office by email at ; or by phone at: 09424323868 (during working hours from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM from Monday to Friday). RBF Staff will be happy to discuss your project ideas and provide advice for your consideration.


7.       Once, I have a Project idea that could qualify for RBF grant support, what should I do?    

       Please download an RBF presentation at this link to understand RBF better and then submit a Concept Note using this template, when the next ‘call for proposals’ is opens on the 1st September 2018..