Supported SMEs

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Kayah State
Name Project Title Project Geographical location Area of Support Status
Asian Window Travels & Tours Co. Ltd. Comprehensive Energy Efficiency investments at an Eco-lodge in Kayah State No.33, 7th Floor (B), Kyun Taw Street, Sanchaung Township,Yangon, Myanmar. 09 795 785 863 , 09 511 3075 Energy Efficiency Project Execution
Loikaw City Restaurant Dish washing and Sanitizing services for Restaurants in Loi Kaw, Kayah State. A - 135 Yan Myo Aung road, Naung Yar, Lwai Kaw , 09 4100 7651 Food Safety Grant Partly Disbursed
Kayah Lay Purified Drinking Water Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation at a Purified Drinking Water Production Facility in Kayah State Demosoe township, Kayah 09-790 185 205 Energy Efficiency Project Execution
Gannishan Milk & Dairy Production Food Safety infrastructure improvements at a Dairy Farm and Milk Processing Facility in Loi Kaw Loi Kaw, Kayah State. 09 – 787156288 Food Safety Under Implementation
T-San Kayan Traditional Restaurant Food Safety Infrastructure Improvements at a Traditional Sausage producer in Loikaw Township, Kayah State Loikaw,Kayah. 09-773 165 422 Food Safety Grant Agreement Signed