Supported SMEs

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Magway State
Name Project Title Project Geographical location Area of Support Status
Lei Thar Gone Guest House Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation at Guest House No.1, Thit-ta-bway Quarter, Yenangyaung, Magway Division, Myanmar 09 5053342 Energy Efficiency Project Execution
Skydeck Company Limited ‘Waste To value’- Fuel Briquette production from Agro Processing Waste in Magway Region Magway 09 796662399 Waste treatment & Recycling Grant Disbursed
Mahura Energy (Magway) Mining Co. Ltd. Food Safety Infrastructure improvements for Production of Value-added Sesame products for export markets 81, Ah Hta Ka(1) Street, Yan Aung Ward, Magway Division, 09 5340893, Food Safety Grant Agreement Signed
Myit Kway Ayar Trading Co. Ltd. Solar Dryer Dome for farmers by a Peanut/Sesame Trader No. 95, Third Floor, Hledan road, Yangon. 09 254007715, Food Safety Project Execution
Shae Saung Natural Plum Syrup production Food Safety Infrastructure investment in a Plum and Tamarind Syrup production Ywar Thit Ward, Saly town, Chauk Township, Magway Region, 09 401564976 Food Safety Under Implementation
555 Shwe Hintha Co.,ltd Energy Efficient production process improvements at a Jaggery Business in Yesago Tsp No 2 quarter ,Yesagyo Township, Magwey Region, 09 973635079, Energy Efficiency Grant Disbursed
Thiri Thukha Gaday Kywe Co., Ltd ‘Waste to Value’- Peanut shell, Peanut Skin and other Agricultural Waste to Organic Fertilizer by a Peanut Processor in Magway. No. 12, Thamarsarya Street, (4) Quarter, Pakokku Township, Magwe Region, Myanmar, 09-960602222, 09-2300549, Waste treatment & Recycling Under Implementation
Kaung Thant Fried Beans Business ‘Waste To value’- Rice Husk Fuelled Fryer for a Processer of Assorted Beans & Tea Leaves No. 8, Seitta Thu Kha Quarter, Zay ya waddy, Yay Sa Kyo, 09-799900052, Waste treatment & Recycling Project Execution
Ko Latt and Sons Lathe & Welding Machine Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) improvements at an Agro Processing Equipment production and maintenance service In Magway No. 449 , 28 Street, Yanpae Ward, Magwe Region, Myanmar, 09-401641514, Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Project Execution
Arr Thit Lathe & Welding Machine Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) improvements at a Post-Harvest Processing Equipment production in Magway No. 525, Ahwaiyar Street, Yan Myo Aung, Magway Region, Myanmar, 09-43009248, Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Grant Disbursed
Jum Jel Co.,Ltd Food Safety Infrastructure Improvements at a natural organic Plum Syrup production facility in Salay No (14), Kwat Thit ward, Salay town, Chauk township, Magway Division, 09-970450000 Food Safety Project Execution