Supported SMEs

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Mon State
Name Project Title Project Geographical location Area of Support Status
Myint Gardening Solar Powered Pump and Sprinkler irrigation system for Pomelo Plantation Hnin preal Sanpya Village,Beelin Tsp,Mon State. 09 777244428 Energy Efficiency Project Execution
Mayan Cho Gardeing Solar Water Pump and Drip Irrigation System for Durian, Dragon Fruit and Pomelo Orchard No.252,Butar Street,Taungtusu Yat,Kyithto Tsp,Mon State Energy Efficiency Project Execution
U Soe Thiha - Crumb Rubber Factory Myanmar Standard Rubber) Waste Water Treatment & Recycling System at a Rubber Factory U Paing No: N(41+46), Innsaryaw East Wing, Phatkaleit Village, Kyaik Htoo, Mon State. +95 9 8723629 Waste treatment & Recycling Project Execution
Myanmar Pyi Hein Mon Co. Ltd. Solar Photovoltaic Salt Water Pumping Systems and Solar Lighting System for a Salt Production Farm No.242 Lower Main Road, Shwe Taung Ward, Mawlamyine , Mon State. 09 79500 2566, 09 428728553, 057-24793, 098727553 Energy Efficiency Under Implementation
Soe Ye Paing Halah Rice Mill Waste to Value' - Rice Husk to Biomass Fuel Briquettes and Charcoal as an alternative for use of Fuel-wood Taung Thu Su Quarter, Kyeik Htoo,Mon State. 09 790155600, Waste treatment & Recycling Under Implementation
Myanmar Pyi Hein Mon Co. Ltd. Geo-membrane Installation for production of Salt without soil based contaminants No.242 Lower Main Road, Shwe Taung Ward, Mawlamyine Mon State, 09 79500 2566, 09 428728553, 057-24793, 098727553 Food Safety Under Implementation
Htun Integrated Farm Solar Pump installation at an Agricultural Farm in Kyike Hto Tone Ain Su village, Kyaik Hto township, Mon State, 09-425332083, Energy Efficiency Project Execution
Star Light Guest House Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation at a Resort in Mon State Ye, Mon State 09 788871590 Energy Efficiency Grant Partly Disbursed
Fairy Land Co., Ltd Food Safety Infrastructure Investments at a Restaurant in Kyaikhto Township, Mon State Kyaikhto Township, Mon State . 09 43006166 Food Safety Grant Partly Disbursed