6th Call for Full Proposals

by RBF Myanmar

Grant Information

Total Grant Amount

2 Billion MMK

Total No. of MSMEs

50 - 80 MSMEs

6th Call Duration

9th Nov 2022 to 29th Sep 2023

Supported Areas


  • Reduction of energy usage for the same amount of production
  • At least 30% reduction in the use if traditional (non-renewable energy) currently being used


  • Change from fossil fuel and non-sustainable energy (diesel, electricity, coal, firewood, etc.) to more renewable and sustainable energy (solar, biomass, hydro, etc.)
  • Substitution of Traditional Energy with Renewable Energy

How to Apply

Stage 1 - Concept Note

Meeting with RBF Team to develop your Concept Idea

Write and Submit your Concept Note

Screening by RBF

Receive concept idea approval letter from RBF

Stage 2 - Proposal

Prepare for Full Proposal with your Service Provider

Write and Submit your Proposal

Evaluation and Approval by Board of RBF

Grant Agreement, Implementation & Reporting

Who can apply?

Registered in Myanmar and is an SME with 600 or less permanent staff or has less than 1 billion Kyat in paid-up capital

Operational for a minimum of two years and externally audited accounts for the most recent year

Not operating in excluded sectors (hard liquor, gambling, tobacco, weapons, internationally recognized exclusion list)

Not received RBF grant support through the earlier ‘calls for proposals'

Potential to demonstrate the ‘business case’ for a responsible investment/practice in energy efficiency and renewable energy

Well prepared for the proposed project in terms of: technology identification; supplier shortlisting and raising finances to complete project before September 2023

Proposed Project - ‘Responsible Technology/Business Practice’ has not already been implemented by other businesses in your locality/district